Visita Iglesia LSD 2016

Since I had my recovery upon the sickness on the last year duty on my work and lack of heat due on over-worked and stress at home with this family that could be weird and too much talking everything politics, work at even at home that I’ll be starting next week and hoping get back on track this week. Just had a household chores on holy Thursday then started on Good Friday-Black Saturday at the Taytay-Antipolo-Angono. See the pictures on the 3 churches starting from my elementary days before I transfer as Augustinian here after to our residence.

IMG_20160325_094435  A great opportunity when I started myself as kinder-Grade 5 before I transfer Grade 6 and graduated as Augustinian. See the former sisters of St.Paul and had opportunity to meet and greet once.

IMG_20160325_120341   A pit stop to give respect knowing that I wasn’t able to give more effort due on my medical condition but my memories with them where I built myself on dancing that’s why I had built on skills on dancing. Taytay is the biggest place then going on Tikling on the intersection with minimal vehicles around bout to Antipolo. Considering the biggest and longest route and heat that my helped me on my recovery.

IMG_20160325_120225 The usual most where having Visita Iglesia through the years on tradition was there. A good experience to take LSD that may helped and my first experience to have a prayer with sacrifice at anytime that may give your best on your up and coming race comeback #roadtotoughxrough, #roadtothenorthface and #roadtoibtur hopefully and successful strong finish. After the prayer I had to go back the route quite the same as Baguio also and meet a biker seem also a runner came from Taguig. Returning home run and walk on the same downward just like I had with RunMakena 2014 with my first 100++ mile race. The next day here in Angono having the next station here in Church in the sky also helped and up and down route here

More challenging for me where my strength and courage to reach the church on the sky before today’s Easter Sunday upon my return everything and hopefully can catch up races and ultra-marathon races with one as qualifier.

Batang-Tri Program Launch

Concepts logo of batang tri  A goal on surpassing poverty through multisport. An initiative CEO and President Raymond Magdaluyo and  Coach Dante “Jojo” Macalintal, pioneers of the Philippine Age-Group Triathlon coaching for kids  have their potential to be future triathletes, partnered by Blackbeard’s Seafoods Island Group for raising money to purchase bikes Joining with him Triathlon Association of the Philippines(TRAP) Coach Melvin Fausto for coaching this kids who can be ambassadors of the age-group community. Batang Tri GrassRoots Level launch last September 10, 2015 at Crisp 28. batang_tri_1

Also The Triathlon Association of the Philippines Coach Melvin Fausto takes it’s opportunity to coach kids from grassroots to become active ambassadors on age-group community in multisport.An initiative will take more funds on purchasing triathlete gears, upon this program they will also have The Batang Tri Team lead by founder Carlos De Guzman as program’s Head Administrator.

To keep advocacy for the Batang-Tri GrassRoots Program, for funding bikes and other gears for this kids under this program. On Nov 28-29 at the Bagac, Bataan for the Bataan International Triathlon 2015, this is open to the public, part  of the proceeds directly to BTG Program.


Uphill route on Caliraya 360

IMG_20150914_221718After 5 months on hiatus since last race was February 2015, due needed to have find real opportunity and over stress within my family lately. Testing myself on short distance on my birthday run though this work unsatble then uphill and downhill route before taking myself back on it’s running form. Uphill route I did is walking sometimes I run and managed to have time-in at Japanese Garden then back to finish line just run-walk, my previous races when you run on the right form some where forced muscle pain and injury. This is also earning mileage on before Full-Marathon and Ultramarathon races by  third quarter of this year until next year.

Sofitel Half Marathon 2015

  IMG_20150823_155219    After the result on my last race last February of this year needs a lot of improvement on my record. Oh! due to lack of finances and strange work status that took 5 months have no race and relieving myself back on it’s feet. Ah! I know that could be risky but  that would take me also as a challenge to surpass. Upon the birthday run here at SM Mall of Asia got back track at time chip in: 1:08:15 on 5km recovery run last August 16, 2015. There were many participants on 21km category were most of my running mates were there and have good PR. Looking on Subaru and Caliraya this year that have to take road to my 24hr Endurance, 50km and 120km races next months that would have double work.

Condura SkyWay Marathon 2015 tribute to #Fallen44

10947269_1047363808613107_2254315369263378272_nI missed this opportunity due to obligation, hopefully can catch up by next year, this is how I could give support to #SAF44 on online with my running friends and my running team give their respect to #Fallen44  #SAF44. Congratulations to the runners whom they give their respected tribute to them for their bravery act and Condura for this event more successful and hoping to have next year.

RunMakena 2014


Almost on the accident due on my black diamond headlamp not functioning during the race day result on having the PitStop at FoodAve in Petron Camp John Hay here in Baguio City that is why I was forced to buy the flashlight able to surpass the darkest tunnel  Marcos Highway in Baguio City that this is fulfilling that successfully passed and know in La Union at Pugo that time was confused that I must go right or go straight. Several pitstops made on La Union due on lack of hydration. I just begged on water in the Carinderia, still out cut-off though we still need to finish the whole 106+++ run then walk. It was that time night already and dangerous to go back to Manila that I myself to dirty and sleepy decided to have a nap at Cesmin before going to Manila. Ah! the USB Cable to charge my phone wasn’t function and needed to have a new USB Cable(force to buy). An opportunity came after the race to have a sports and recovery session at PeakForm(see my official blog site at to have a shockwave therapy then doing recovery run.

Sofitel Race Report


 This is a post birthday run for me together  with my youngest brother compete for the 10 km race. Hmmm! thinking if I’m going this L2Q route 2. Almost a good pace on the 12 km but too much eat during my birthday that’s why I had my time chip-in: 4:48 decided not pursue the L2Q route 2 so I had to go lsd further to get back in-shape and finish strong to the finish line. The Independence Day wasn’t successful race that end up on the DNF that’s why I need to spend my time training further and see to have a good race possible in Caliraya 360 with my brother on before to take a strong finish on the next ultramarathon race. Unfortunately we were not able to have the registration on lack of budget and obligation with family on-going LSD that I’m doing at present and looking forward and finish strong back to the race in La Union.

Luneta 2 Tagaytay race report

I had successfully started at the right pace on the race, pace myself with another runner to walk then run after reaching 30km mark. Exhausted but continue walking. Injury and pain was there on 40km mark so needed to take a massage first and take some egg and biscuit to recover.  Heat is still there so continue walk. At the race, taking my frustration and stress bring on me. Almost give-up, collapsed at the end  but I know my training is sufficient to finish 63 km race to make on the finish line on the cut-off time.

Photo By; Prince Multi Sports Events:


Run 1000 race report

After a year of stress on long hours inside the office and with family. Time to release everything, Take back after a while a mileage that was lost last year take this  opportunity to be part 711 Eleven run. See the glimpse before and after the race.


Taking a mileage after a gruel application support on my office. My time quite good pace and finish the 21km mileage comeback with the team like what I have said that you know who are your friends that would be more appreciated that you’ve also helped the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Earning also a comeback on the UltraMarathon race this February and March.